søndag 21. april 2013

Sunday Thoughts - Use the stairs!


A thought crossed my mind not too long about using the stairs. Of course, we all know that always using the stairs is a tiny thing one can do as a part of living healthy. On the other hand, there are stairs we often forget about that differ from the physical ones.

stairway_to____life_by_missv10-d514zwj“Stairway to…Life” By Miss Valentina 

During work or social situations, it is smart to use the stairs instead of the elevator. The stairs are heavy and can easily hurt after a while. But, as opposed to the lift, you walk the road yourself and gain strength. If you always use the elevator, others could easily slip in on your ride, running out first to get to your goal before you can reach it. The elevator does not make you stronger. If it is you who sneak in on the ride of someone else, you might not be able to deal with the consequenses if you are forced to using the stairs.

As an example, a colleague is always freeloading on the results of a better colleague. The better colleague suddenly is sick for a couple of weeks. The freeloader can't produce the same results as he's used to leaning on the other colleague to finish. The charade is over.

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