torsdag 14. mars 2013

Quick thought: Do you own your face?

Do you own your face?

This might seem like a strange question, but hear me out. Every now and then, I hear stories about girls being addicted to makeup. Those who say they cannot leave the house without at least some amount of makeup on. The phrase "putting my face on" is frequently used. This ranges from those who use a little bit of mascara and foundation to those who go through daily makeup rituals lasting at least 30 minutes before they are ready to leave the house.

Blaming society and getting into the social mechanics of makeup aren't the things that intrigue me the most about this phenomenon. As I thought about it, the psychology behind "putting my face on" was very interesting. As a disclaimer, I am not a taught psychologist in any way.
My thoughts on this is as follows. When you wear makeup every single day for an extended amount of time, your makeup face becomes the face that you and your peers get used to seeing on you. This washes out the line between the real you and makeup you. At this point, it is easy to feel a sense of dissociation with your natural face. As your mind sees your makeup face as the real you, your natural face becomes alien, a stranger. Speaking from personal experiense, I clearly remember this feeling after trying out an amazing cream I ordered from abroad which made my skin look absolutely flawless. After a about a month, it became hard not to wear it because my skin looked too different from what I had gotten accustomed to. That was my telltale that I should probably cut down on it. I don't want to lose my own face! While this case was fairly innocent, a little bit of imagination can portray how this situation looks like if you wear a lot of eye makeup, which can dramatically change your appearance. Example:

This phenomenon is very interesting, but also sad. It is sad to feel that your natural state is something alien to you, as if there is a stranger looking back in the mirror. I don't have a good solution to this issue other than taking care of your skin and forcing yourself not to wear as much makeup all the time. Aka getting to know your own face for what it really is and taking ownership over it. If you wear a lot of makeup, ask youself this every once in a while; Do I own my face or does my makeup own it?

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