mandag 23. mai 2011

May Days

We’re nearing the end of May rapidly, time passes quickly(Says Captain Obvious)! As there are other things to be dealt with at the moment, this post will mostly contain visuals. However, images are probably best for describing May here in Gjøvik. It is truly a beautiful place to live in. I have been out walking/cycling several times during this month, just enjoying the season.

From a late night walk with a friend(note the little boat out there)IMAG0128 
Finding friends in trees?IMG_6823
Beautiful Norwegian forest..IMG_6863
..and a lovely bed of flowers.IMG_6852
Out cycling above the lake MjøsaIMAG0133

Some video footage from my phone

Me acting dignified(?!) on the Norwegian national day(17th of May)

Summer is coming. :-)

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