søndag 24. april 2011

Of Nerds and EEG

Depending on your level of nerdyness, you may or may not know about The Gathering. For the non initiated, The Gathering is the 2nd largest computer party in the world with almost 6000 participants, only rivaling Dreamhack in Sweden(about 10 000 participants). I find it funny how the two biggest lan parties are situated in Scandinavia, we’re such a huge horde of nerds up here. I have had the pleasure of attending TG three times as a participant and this year as a speaker. I am already planning for next year where I will be bringing my crew(or what others might refer to as friends..). It is probably apparent that I am very much exited about this huge nerdfest in the Viking Ship. Makes good use of an old olympic sports building and is well worthy of a yearly pilgrimage!

What I enjoy the most about TG is the atmosphere. Almost 6000 glowing computer screens, a bizzare mix of music and random screams spreading as a wave throughout the entire area. It is also a great place to meet new and old friends, attend seminars, workshops, compos or other interesting happenings. Have a look at this amazing panorama shot taken by a friend of mine(click here for big view). Watching this in real life is quite an experience.
As mentioned, I attended this years’ TG as a speaker. With my supervisor I held a talk on EEG and gaming. We explained to the crowd what EEG is and how it works. My talk focused on EEG brain training, which is a focus area of my master thesis. This was my first time holding a public talk for a larger crowd of people, which was very exiting! Luckily, being on stage in front of everyone was far from as scary as I thought it would be. It was definitely an interesting experience and hopefully I will get more chances of doing this again. What I like the most about this is the chance of spreading knowledge about something I am passionate about. Hopefully I was able to convey some of my own enthusiasm to the crowd.

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