søndag 20. februar 2011

Of Saturday Jazz and Sunday Mornings

Living in a tiny city in Norway has its challenges and advantages. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I loathe it. Being raised an urban Norwegian, the complete lack of happenings can be utterly boring at times. However, when things do happen, I now appreciate it a lot more.
A local cafe in the city centre of Gjøvik has been arranging Saturday jazz concerts which a good friend and I have been attending a couple of times. In the quiet winter cold, it’s refreshing to get a taste of urban life; live music, cosy surroundings, good tea and yummy food.

Skilled saxophone/piano duo playing :). I love the mix of flashy neon paint and wooden walls.IMG_6356
With moments like these, I sometimes get the feeling of getting the best of both worlds. Being able to enjoy the urban aspects of life while still being able to wake up to this:
View from my bedside window(click for bigger view).IMG_6362

Hmm, sometimes I quite enjoy living in the city of the white swan.


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